Light Painting is Still Novel

The first surviving photograph that we know of was taken in 1826 by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. Ever since then, photography has taken on many uses and many styles, it has become an art form of its own. Light painting has existed for many years but up until now, it was very difficult to work with due to the nature of non-digital photography. With the digital revolution and the proliferation of digital images, light painting photography has grown in popularity. Despite this, the art form is still fairly novel to many people. For that reason, it is our pride and joy at Shot in the Dark LLC to introduce people to the wonders of light painting!

Light Painting For Your Business

Traditional photography has its place, nobody can argue about the usefulness and versatility of traditional photos for just about any purpose. It has been said many times over that we currently live in an attention economy in the digital era. Being able to capture people’s attention has never been more difficult. Attention spans are shorter and people are bombarded with advertisements, as a result, it’s harder than ever to leave a meaningful impact on consumers.

Light Painting: a High Impact Art Form

The brand image your business has is incredibly important to attracting the proper consumer base and demographics. In most cases, even the most serious business want to appear as if they know how to have fun too. This makes your business come across as more relatable and personal—which are always good things. The shift in advertising to more comical and laid back styles is proof that this type of branding works really well. As we approach 2020, it’s easy to chart on a timeline that the past 20 years has seen even the biggest businesses unbuttoning their collars, letting a bit looser on dress codes and easing up restrictions on how employees (and as a result businesses) can dress.

This is all a long-form way of saying this: there has never been a more ripe time for a business to show some character and idiosyncrasy in how they present themselves. We strongly believe light painting is one of these ways.

Imagine if instead of only ordinary pictures of the team on your website, you could have photos like this:

light painting portrait

Take a close look at the photo, how does it make you feel? For us, we think this is a great example of a photograph that imparts the proportions and feeling that a portrait gives off—relaxed, genuine, but professional. Still, the photo is clearly not ordinary. The contrast between the portrait and the light effects gives off a stunning comparison. If you were looking into a business or a service and you saw a photo like that on their site, would it grab it your attention? We think so! It’s such a unique image that you would be inclined to believe that they really value their business and presentation that they were willing to do light painting portraits for their team members.

Light Painting Portrait Photography in Boca Raton, FL

At Shot in the Dark LLC, we strongly believe that light painting photography will continue to grow in popularity. There are an infinite amount of techniques and variations you can use to make every picture unique, one of the many reasons we fell in love with this art form. There is no better time than now to start making use of light painting photography for your business! If you would like to set up a shoot or inquire more about our process, swing by our contact page here or give us a call 561-303-4283!