Welcome to Shot In The Dark, LLC’s new website.  We’re excited you’re here. Let me tell you a little bit about our history and where we hope to go with our special brand of photography.  Dave and I met a few years ago through a mutual acquaintance who was a fan of light painting. At first, we would get together at various locations in our area and practice different light painting techniques and methods.  Over time, we started to see our individual styles blend into something we both felt was special and unique. Those with whom we shared our images offered encouragement and suggested there might be commercial aspects to our endeavor beyond the typical photographs you see people post online or have sitting on their mantle.  Since our collaboration has started, we’ve had the opportunity to introduce light painting to individuals, municipalities and local businesses throughout the South Florida area. Some of the examples of our work can be seen in the Gallery section of this website.

Light painting is literally the definition of photography.  It is going back to the absolute basics of what photography is and re-introducing it to the world in a new way.  We are excited to be at the leading edge of an undiscovered niche that brings joy and wonderment to those who experience it.  Light painting, like traditional photography, can be frivolous and fun, it can convey a message, it can sell a product and it can tell a story.  At Shot In the Dark, LLC we hope to be able to use both traditional forms of photography as well as light painting to help tell your story and to showcase it in the special way it deserves.